Electric bicycle TY658

Item No.: TY658

Electric Bicycle/Electric Moped
Model no TY658
Motor 60V/72V 800W 
Electric Controller Module electronic controller
Absorber Front and Rear
Vaccum Tire 2.75-10'
Brake System Front and rear 110mm drum brake and Rear motor lock
Recommended Battery  Chilwee Lead-acid Battery
Optional Battery Capacity 60V20AH or 72V20AH, the prices don't include the cost of battery, 60V20AH: USD70.7/72V20AH:USD85/group.
Speed  40-45km/hour 
Cruising Rang 50-60kms for 60V20AH;60-70kgs for 72V20AH
Charging Time 6-8hours
Charger 60V20AH:USD5.5/PC;72V/20AH FOB USD5.75/PC
Speedmeter  Digital LCD screen meter
Turning Signal lamp Front and Rear
Rearview Mirrors Left and Right
Head Lamp Highlighting led
Alarm  Anti-theft alarm
Quantity of 40'HQ container 205units of electric bicycle and 205groups of 60V20AH lead-acid battery
Exchange Rate 7.3158
Saddle High-elastic saddle