Circuit breaker 1-4P

Item No.: WS-CB-1-4P
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Short-circuit, over-load and isolation
High short-circuit breaking capacity
ON/OFF status indicator
Double wiring terminals could be connected cable, U type and Pin type busbar
Easy installation and hanging on 35mm DIN-rail
Technical Parameter
Model name   WS Circuit Breaker
Standard   IEC60898
Poles   1P, 2P, 3P, 4P .....
Rated current In(A)   1~63Amp
Rated voltage Un(V)   240/415V AC
Tripping characteristic   B, C, D
Breaking capacity   6,000kA
Installation   On symmetrical DIN-rail 35mm
Connection capacity   Flexible conductor 35mm2
Rigid conductor 25mm2
Fastening torque   2.0Nm
Packaging Details
1P:12pcs/color box, 120pcs/carton, size:46*23*17cm, GW:12.5kgs, NW:11.5kgs
2P:6pcs/color box, 60pcs/carton, size:46*23*17cm, GW:12.5kgs, NW:11.5kgs
3P: 4pcs/color box, 40pcs/carton, size:46*23*17cm, GW:12.5kgs, NW:11.5kgs
4P: 3pcs/color box, 30pcs/carton, size:46*23*17cm, GW:12.5kgs, NW:11.5kgs
Earth Leakage Breaker 2P:1pc/color box, 60pcs/cartons, size:43*21*17cm, GW:18kgs, NW:16kgs