Ceramic base

Item No.: WS-CB
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1. Ceramic base is a kind of safe and reliable material because of its bright and bright appearance, light but high strength, strong impact resistance and shock resistance. Ceramic is insulated, very convenient for disassembly and maintenance, do not worry about a safety accident. 

2. The ceramic base heat dissipation effect is very good, let the electric lamp keep the lower temperature in the working time, this will neither let the lamp shade aging because of the high temperature, will not let the ceramic lamp end because the temperature is too high, and will not let the ceramic lamp end reduce the service life because the temperature is too high. 

3. Ceramic lamp heads use integrated design, different power and brightness can be arbitrary combination, so when the local failure, the whole lamp head work will not be affected. It also uses the all-intelligent language design to realize the intelligent control of high-power light source. 

4. Ceramic base is a kind of environmental protection green material, it will not cause harm to the environment, physical property is stable, also can resist corrosion, wear resistance is also very good.