Base holder

Item No.: WS-BH
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Technical Parameter
Model name   WS Lamp holder
Material   PC panel copper terminal and aluminum inside
Color   White, Black .....
Related Voltage   250V
Related Power   150W
Model   E27, B22 .....
Usage   Lamp Accessiories
Packaging Details
F219:20pcs/white middle box, 30 box/carton,size:55*45*37cm, GW:22kgs, NW:20.5kgs
F220:20pcs/white middle box, 30 box/carton,size:59*49*26cm, GW:16.4kgs, NW:15kgs
F238:20pcs/white middle box, 30 box/carton,size:60*43*32cm, GW:14.5kgs, NW:13kgs
F289:20pcs/white middle box, 30 box/carton,size:51*45*36cm, GW:23kgs, NW:21.5kgs
F8686:20pcs/white middle box, 15 box/carton,size:49*47*48cm,GW:15.6kgs, NW:14kgs
F288:20pcs/white middle box, 30 box/carton,size:57*44*40cm, GW:31.6kgs, NW:30kgs
F3930:10pcs/white middle box, 60 box/carton,size:40*38.5*27cm,GW:14.1kgs, NW:12.5kgs
F3638-2:10pcs/white middle box, 60 box/carton,size:40*38.5*27cm,GW:11kgs, NW:9.5kgs
F3638-3:10pcs/white middle box, 60 box/carton,size:40*38.5*27cm,GW:12kgs, NW:10.5kgs